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MITLEI Washable Ecological Antibacterial Paint, Ferrara Design

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MITLEI is a washable water-based paint for interiors and exteriors based on high-quality styrene-acrylic binder, carbonate fillers and titanium dioxide.

MITLEI is characterized by:
– excellent washability;
– good coverage;
– ease of application;
– good expansion.

MITLEI has a low content of volatile organic solvents (VOC) and complies with regulation 2004/42/CE (Legislative Decree no. 161 of March 27, 2006).




Preparation of the support MITLEI can be used on numerous supports of different natures.


New plasters:

Make sure that the wall is dry and well-seasoned (not less than 30 days). The product must be applied on dry, non-crumbling surfaces, free of salts and moisture.
Insulate with a layer of fixative with a brush and after 24 hours apply two layers of MITLEI.


Old plasters:

Make sure the wall is dry.
Remove mechanically the residues of old paint and/or plasters that are not perfectly anchored on the support.
Fill any defects with suitable sealants.
Simplify any imperfections with special mortars and let the treated parts harden.

In the presence of mold or algae, treat the surface with specific disinfectants with biocidal action.
Insulate with a layer of fixative with a brush and, after 24 hours, apply two layers of MITLEI.



MITLEI is applied with a brush or roller. Dilute the product with approximately 20-25% water, depending on the tool used.
Avoid application on very hot days or with high air humidity. The new plasters must be left to harden for at least 4-6 weeks. Also, the restorations must be allowed to mature perfectly.
At the end of the work, clean the tools with water.
Environmental and support conditions:
• Ambient temperature: min. 10°C / max 35°C;
• Relative humidity of the environment: <80%;
• Support temperature: min 5°C / max 40°C.



• UNI EN ISO 2811-1 specific weight 1.57-1.67 g/ml;
• Viscosity (Brookfield) UNI EN ISO 2555 19000-29000 cPs
• pH UNI 8311 8-9;
• Theoretical coverage is approximately 8-10 m2/l;
• Packaging: plastic boxes of lt. 5 and 14 liters.



MITLEI must be kept in the original well-closed containers and is stable for at least 12 months, as long as it is kept in rooms with a temperature not lower than +5° C and not higher than +40° C. The product does not withstand freezing .
Regarding the evaluation of toxicological data, please consult the safety data sheet.


Liability note:
The advice and indications in this technical sheet are given based on our experience, but we cannot engage in responsibility.
Our technical service is available to provide any additional information required.

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