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INCANTESIMO KIT NERO – ABRA+CADABRA, decorative paint, Ferrara Design, water-based, for interior

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INCANTESIMO is a water-based decorative finish from the ARTIMAGICHE family that can be used to obtain multicolored decorative effects with color intensity modulations.
The main feature of the product is the possibility of obtaining continuous variations of chiaroscuro with variable intensity with a single product and in a single layer without the need to overlap several layers of different products and without waiting times.


It is easy to apply and is intended for use on interior walls. The decorative effect is obtained by applying the product, in a single layer, on the support properly treated with the corresponding INCANTESIMO ABRA, with the help of a spatula, directing the movements according to the desired decorative effect (crossed, diagonally, vertically, horizontally, cloudy, etc.).


INCANTESIMO is available in a white base with 5 different colors (black, green, blue, red and brown) that give a pleasant chromatic effect with the white base. The color referred to is that of the grain that appears automatically while applying INCANTESIMO CADABRA. This finishing layer can be further colored with pigment pastes.
INCANTESIMO complies with the 2004/42/EC regulation regarding VOC emissions and the A+ classification (ref. regulation DEVL 1104875A) for the low emission of solvents in the air.




New plasters:

Make sure the plaster is dry and hardened properly (at least four weeks).
Apply a possible layer of water-based fixing insulation.
Apply a coat of ABRA INCANTESIMO.


Old plasters:

Clean the surfaces by removing any loose parts.
Dirt and molds must be removed with special cleaning and sanitizing products for the wall. Old paints can be removed.
Apply a possible coat of water-based fixative sealer.
Apply a layer of ABRA INCANTESIMO.



On substrates treated as described above.
Apply a layer of INCANTESIMO CADABRA, with a spatula, directing the movements according to the desired decorative effect.
Before application, INCANTESIMO CADABRA can be painted to obtain the desired color.
• Climatic conditions: Temperature +5 / + 35°C;
• The relative humidity does not exceed 75%.
• Drying at T = 23 ± 2°C and RH = 50 ± 5%: touch 30-60 minutes; in depth 14-24 hours.
• Dilution: product ready for use (if necessary, dilute with small amounts of water)
• Tools: metal spatula.
• Tools must be washed with water immediately after use.



• pH: 7-9
• Specific gravity: 1.63 ± 0.05 g/ml
• TVOC: class A+



Storage: in environments with temperatures between 5 and 35°C.
The finished product, if it is stored in a dry place, at room temperature and in sealed containers, does not present stability problems.
The maximum recommended storage time is 12 months. Regarding the evaluation of toxicological data, please consult the safety data sheet.
The product does not withstand freezing.


Liability note:

The advice and indications in this technical sheet are given based on our experience, but we cannot engage in responsibility.
Our technical service is available to provide any additional information required.


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1L, 4L


black, green, blue, red, brown


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