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DECOBOX Varnish, Ferrara Design, transparent, 1l

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DECOBOX  is a water-based transparent polyurethane finish that can be used for all wall surfaces where it is necessary to resist water and abrasion.
DECOBOX is also suitable for protecting decorative finishes.

The product is available in two versions, glossy and matte, and can be applied both in a single-component and two-component system, after appropriate catalysis with a cross-linking additive, to increase the resistance performance.

Surfaces treated with DECOBOX must be washed with a non-abrasive sponge. It is recommended to rinse the detergents after they are distributed on the area to be cleaned, do not let them dry on the surface to avoid the formation of halos and/or changes to the glossy coating. You must not use detergents based on alcohol, acetone and degreaser (pyrophosphates).




DECOBOX is applied in two layers with a brush as a transparent protective layer on the decorative finishes. Between the application of the 2 layers, wait no later than 12 hours. Consumption is approximately 150 g/m² (7 m²/l).
For use as a single component applied system DECOBOX is ready to use.
For use as a two-component system, add to DECOBOX the specific crosslinking additive (component B) in a ratio of 10% by weight. Mixing the reticulation must be done with a drill at low speed (200-300 revolutions/minute) until complete homogenization; the lifetime of the system is about 3-4 hours at T = 23°C.
The product must be protected from contact with water and liquid detergents for at least 7 days after application.


– brush;
• Dilution: none;
• Climatic conditions: Temperature + 5 / + 35 ° C;
• Relative humidity not higher than 75%;
• Drying at T = 23 ± 2 ° C and RH = 50 ± 5%; dry to the touch 3-4 hours; in-depth 24 hours;
• Lifetime (only for the two-component system): approximately 3-4 hours at T = 23°C.



• Yield: 7 m2/l (150 g/m²);
• Viscosity: 600-900 cps;
• Specific density: 1.03 ± 0.05 g/ml;
• pH: 7-9.

• Yield: 7 m2/l (150 g/m²);
• Viscosity: 400-700 cps;
• Specific density: 1.03 ± 0.05 g/ml;
• pH: 7-9.



Storage: in a temperature range between 5 and 35 °C.
The finished product, when stored in a dry place, at room temperature and in closed containers, does not present stability problems. The maximum recommended storage time is 12 months. Regarding the evaluation of toxicological data, please consult the SDS. Keep the product away from frost.


Liability note:
The advice and indications in this technical sheet are given based on our experience, but we cannot engage in responsibility.
Our technical service is available to provide any additional information required.

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glossy-monocomponent, glossy-bicomponent, mat-bicomponent, Decobox Gel (Decobox Plus 12 Glass Deco – 1l & Decobox component B – 0.6l)


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